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3Rd Row -Large Suv-Truck Minivans (Home Service)


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Attention to our customers interested in home service

Davila’s Services wants to let you know that during this fall/winter season, we are only able to provide home service if 1) the temperature outside is at least 40 degrees or 2) you have a heated garage where our service can take place. Thank you so much for your business and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Vacuum interior & trunk
  • Clean inside windows
  • Shampoo carpets & seats
  • Full headliner cleaning
  • Hight intensity stain pre-treatment
  • Scrub pre-treated stains
  • Full interior deep cleaning (vents, cup holders, door panels)
  • Clean & condition leather, vinyl & plastics

Additional information

Paint Correction

Is a term used to describe the process of removing the imperfections on a vehicle’s finish and restoring it to a better than new finish. These imperfections include:
– Swirl Marks
– Fine Scratches
– Bird Droppings
– Water Stains